3 Ways Exterior Signs Increase Brand Recognition

Custom Exterior Signs
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Whether you are a small business enterprise or a big player in the industry, brand recognition is important for success. The more people who know your brand, the greater the chance to drive business in. One foolproof way to ensure your business in St. Louis, MO is top of mind is through exterior business signs.

How Exterior Signs Influence Brand Recognition

Custom outdoor signs are any sign your company installs outside your business space. Used to send out important business information, these signs attract customers and invite them to your store or office.

While there are a number of ways you can benefit from outdoor signs, brand recognition is one that increases business sales. Here’s how exterior signage increases brand recognition:

Increased Visibility

Since exterior signage is found outside your building, these signs can reach a wide range of people. Some outdoor signage is used as wayfinding signage such as monument signs, post and panel signs and outdoor channel letter signs.

Imagine your outdoor signs placed at high-traffic areas. The number of people driving by and seeing your sign is endless! This increased visibility instantly builds on brand recall, making your business easily remembered and recognized

Make sure that your outdoor sign can instantly grab the attention of people passing by. This will surely get your business recognized in your local market.

Enhanced Branding

In any industry, branding is important for recognition and recall. Once you have established your brand, it is easy for people to identify that this product or service is yours. One way that exterior business signs contribute to brand recognition is through enhanced branding.

Let your custom outdoor signs champion your company name, logo and overall business theme. This coherent design makes it easy for people to recall your business. Create signs that can easily be identified as your business. This can contribute to sustained brand recognition. As a result, this benefits your company for years through loyal customers and consistent revenue.

Increase in Clients/Customers

Lastly, outdoor signs influence brand recognition through a consistent customer base. It is definite that with your brand’s increased visibility, your business becomes top of mind. This translates to an increase in business.

With an increase in your customer base, more people become aware of your business, enough to spread the word to their family and friends. This then leads to more and more people recognizing your brand and the type of business you deliver.

Get Recognized in St. Louis, MO

Exterior signage attracting more customers and driving more business in is a definite fact. The only challenge now is finding the right signage partner to deliver the best signage for your company. 

Our team at Show Me Custom Signs are experts at ensuring your outdoor signs represent what your business is all about. Our high-quality, long-lasting signage will surely influence brand recognition in your local industry. Contact our team today for more information and receive a free quote!

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