5 Benefits of Investing in Monument Signs That Every Business Owner Must Know

Monument Sign
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Investing in signage is a task every business owner goes through. With all the different options available, choosing the best sign that works can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a type of sign that significantly impacts your local community in St. Louis, MO, a monument sign might be right for you.

Custom monument signs are freestanding signs usually found in front of a building, shopping complex, or subdivision. They sit at ground level and are typically made of concrete, brick, or metal.

With the right signage partner like Show Me Custom Signs, these monumental sign structures will surely attract more customers and bring you a lot of business exposure.

How Monument Signage Works for You

Here are five benefits every business owner needs to know:

Multi-Purpose Signage

There are not a lot of sign options out there that work for you in many different ways. The multi-purpose nature of custom monument signage makes it a worthwhile investment.

Hotels and subdivisions use these as entrance signs that tell customers they found the right place. These signs’ size makes them great as a wayfinding tool, especially for businesses located in hard-to-find areas. Shopping centers and multi-business complexes benefit from using monument multi-tenant signs. On top of all that, it provides excellent advertising leverage.


Due to the size and structure of monument signage, they provide optimum visibility for your business. These are perfect for catching the attention of motorists and passersby as they sit at plain view, mounted at eye-level.

Adding LED elements to your sign also gives you more business exposure. LED monument signs can advertise your business 24/7, making your investment worth every penny spent.


Monument signage is typically made of sturdy materials, making it durable and weather-proof. If you need signage that can withstand harsh weather conditions, this is the right choice for you.


While it seems like adding a custom monument sign takes a lot out of your marketing budget, it is actually a practical investment. The value it adds to your business pays for itself in the long run. Its durability allows you to enjoy the returns for years. Upkeep is also at a minimum, so you don’t have to spend more on maintenance.

Community Landmark

The impressive design of LED monument signs makes them a significant community landmark. The more people see your signage, the more they remember it. This then translates to an increase in brand recognition and recall.

The Right Signage Choice in St. Louis, MO

If you are looking to create more impact, especially in your community, custom monument signage is the way to go. Let our team at Show Me Custom Signs help push your business forward with high-quality signs. We are steadfast in collaborating with you on signage that combines both function and aesthetic value. Contact our sign experts today for a custom monument signs consultation.

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