Acrylic Signs

What is an Acrylic Sign?

One way that companies in St. Louis build their image is through signage. It is vital for businesses to present themselves as an established organization to gain credibility, and sophisticated signage such as acrylic signage does just that.

Acrylic signage is made of versatile plastic material that is lightweight and sturdy. It is also colorless and transparent, making it a more durable and inexpensive alternative to glass. You can print on its surface with UV ink or cut it into letters and shapes for whatever design you need.

Why Choose Acrylic Signage?


Due to its elegant and glossy finish, it’s common for offices to use acrylic logo signs for lobbies, as well as a myriad of acrylic office signs like nameplates and wayfinding signs. It can be molded into different shapes and sizes, allowing you to create any type of design that best suits your business. 


Acrylic sign boards are an attractive option because of its tough plastic material which can withstand the wear and tear of time. Enjoy the aesthetic benefits of glass without the worry of dropping and breaking when mounting acrylic signs.

The polymer material is also hard-wearing even in harsh weather conditions, making it perfect even for outdoor signs.


Custom acrylic signs are affordable compared to metal, wood or glass signage. Enjoy a modern, sophisticated look without breaking the bank! Since it’s made of sturdy material, you need not worry about the costs of regularly replacing your signage; spend once and enjoy your signage for years and years.

Regardless of if you decide on classic acrylic wall signs or modern led acrylic signs, these signs are still worth investing on.

Acrylic Sign Options for Your Business

There are different options available when choosing the right acrylic panel sign. For print surfaces, you can choose between a standard print (more affordable, printed design in front, giving a matte finish) or subsurface print (or second surface, where design is printed in reverse on the back side of the panel).

Clear and frosted acrylic signage is also available, where clear signs give a smoother, modern professional feel while frosted signs offer a certain amount of translucency perfect for diffusing bright lights and achieving a frosted look.

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