Bathroom Signs

What are Bathroom Signs?

Restrooms are one thing that you can expect to be common in every building or facility in St. Louis. Since going to the restroom is a basic human need, finding one shouldn’t be difficult. This is where bathroom signs come in.

Bathroom signs typically point towards the location of a restroom. Usually positioned on the door or at a wall close by, these signs make it convenient for visitors and customers to find the closest one.

Restroom signs should also be ADA compliant, and include braille lettering and wheelchair images. In addition to following the law, this shows how a company or organization values each and every customer.

Uses for Bathroom Signs

Aside from pointing towards the direction of a restroom, ADA bathroom signs also help label the rooms correctly for family use, all-gender use, or for the standard men or women designations. Additionally, restroom signs also indicate whether they are accessible or not. This prevents any possible confusion or inconvenience and makes for a more positive customer experience.

ADA restroom signs may also be used to promote proper sanitary practices for both employees and visitors alike. Signs that encourage good hygiene and how to properly use your facilities help foster cleanliness and create a more professional environment.

Which Bathroom Sign Should I Choose?

There are different possibilities when it comes to ADA compliant restroom signs in St. Louis, from directional arrows and door labels to restroom etiquette signs.

Depending on your brand, you may opt for signs that have pictograms, text only, or a combination of both. When choosing pictograms, the use of universally accepted symbols for men, women, all-gender and wheelchair accessible images is encouraged to avoid confusion. Some companies also choose funny and unique bathroom signs that reflect their business, usually with the use of creative pictograms. Of course, it’s still important to take into account ADA guidelines when choosing the right design. This includes appropriate font style, size, color contrasts, mounting specifications, and braille lettering.

ADA Restroom Signs St Louis

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