Channel Letter Signs Are What You Need to Get Noticed

Channel Letter Signs
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When choosing the right exterior signage for your business, it is essential to know which types of signs are worth your investment. These signs should attract customers, boost your brand image, and leave a lasting impression. There is no better business sign that does all these than channel letter signs.

The Right Channel Letter Signage for Your Business

Custom channel letters are three-dimensional signs that are often mounted on the face of your store or building. Its 3D nature provides a depth of visibility that makes it more attractive than plain letter graphics.

These signs are versatile and customizable, with front or backlighting options through LED channel letters that make your business signage pop.

A Sign Option That Works

Building signs are useful tools to gain visibility in St. Louis, MO. If your business is still on the fence, here are three reasons channel letters are an excellent sign investment:

Increase Foot Traffic

Studies show that 8 out of 10 people try out new stores because of their outdoor signs. Impressive channel letter signage can grab the attention of your target audience. This translates to more people wanting to stop by and check out your space.

Due to the visibility this sign brings, you can reach a lot of potential customers and make your presence known even in a sea of other businesses.

Versatile and Customizable

Because they are made from metal or plastic, channel letters can be transformed into any design you want. You can customize them following your company’s font style and colors. You want it to follow the design of your actual logo? No problem. Any shape, color, and size are possible as long as it’s within your zoning limits.

Channel letters also work as stand-alone signage outside of your business or as your store signage logo inside a mall. Whether indoors or outside, these signs will work for you.


The cost to fabricate custom channel letters is relatively low. Due to their versatility, there are many options available depending on your business needs and budget. This is also the top choice for businesses as it requires minimal effort to maintain compared to other sign options.

Choosing LED channel letters also allows you to save money. LED is energy efficient and lasts for years, giving you round-the-clock advertisement for a long time.

The amount of impressions you get leads to more customers and makes it worth every penny you spend.

Your Trusted Signage Partner in St. Louis, MO

If you are looking for an efficient yet impactful way to get noticed, channel letter signage is a worthy investment. At Show Me Custom Signs, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, professionally designed signs that reflect your brand and make your business top of mind in your community. Contact us today for a complimentary custom channel letter consultation.

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