Custom Signs Catch and Keep Attention

Custom signs
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In any industry, being on top of the consumer’s mind is key to a successful business. Marketing plays a huge role in increasing brand recognition and recall. According to the International Sign Association, 50% of customers base their brand perception on a company’s signage. That being said, having the right signs for your business is crucial to success.

Conveying Messages Through Signs

While signs can be used for different functions, their primary purpose is to convey a message. An effective sign can cause a change in a person’s behavior. That change in behavior leads a customer to make decisions about your products and services. It all starts with an attention-grabbing sign.

Catch and Keep Attention Through Custom Signs St. Louis, MO

Let us look at a few ways your custom signs and graphics can not only catch attention but sustain it in St. Louis, MO.

Unique and Innovative Designs

Generic office supply signs may be tempting because of convenience and costs. However, you have to be different to set yourself apart. Creating unique and innovative designs can catch attention more than generic signs.

It can be as simple as adding a personalized company logo to your signs as well as being consistent with your theme and color scheme. The more consistent your designs are, the better it is for people to associate you with your signs and remember your business.

Color Theme

According to marketing psychology, colors evoke certain emotions. Choose colors that complement your product and match customer expectations.

For example, red is one of the most commonly used colors because it invokes passion, warmth, and power. Blue, on the other hand, is popular among banks and the finance industry for being associated with stability and reliability.

Clutter-Free Signage

It is said that it takes 1.5 to 3 seconds to grab and hold a viewer’s attention. This means you have a maximum of 3 seconds to convey your message to your target audience. To guarantee optimal viewing, make sure that your custom sign in St. Louis, MO is:

  • Readable, even from a distance. Avoid script fonts and stick to standard, bold lettering
  • Clean and simple. Putting too much text, images, and colors may be too overwhelming for viewers to understand.
  • Easy on the eyes. Choose background and text colors that complement each other. Avoid contrasting color combinations that make your sign hard to read


Adding LED lights and spotlights to your sign will surely make it hard to miss. Lights make your signage brighter and more vibrant, thus making it more attractive.

Your Trusted Sign Company

Creating powerful custom signs and graphics will make it difficult for your target audience to forget your business. Make sure you get the best signs by choosing a reputable sign company. Show Me Custom Signs has experience in creating unique, high-quality signage in St. Louis, MO. Let us help you be top of mind in your community; contact us with your signage requirements!

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