Directional Signs

What is a Directional Signage?

Directional Signage points people to the direction they need to go. These allow for easy navigation through your space with the help of signals and cues. Especially helpful in large buildings and spaces in St. Louis, these signs avoid customer frustration and improve the flow of foot traffic.

What is Directional Signage for?

Allowing easy navigation is the basic purpose of wayfinding signs. Arrow signs are usually found around airports, multi-unit buildings and busy facilities to help customers find their way around. This helps save time and promotes efficiency for customers and employees alike.

Office directional signs also serve as identification markers. These help customers know they’re going to the right area or that they have reached their destination. Restroom signs, checkout signs, and customer service counter signs are great examples.

Directional signage also helps strengthen brand identity. Especially for signage that customers frequently look for, when designed and done right, gives your business a marketing boost.

Ways to Use Wayfinding Signage

Interior directional signs as well as outdoor directional signs are essential for any business. Here are common ways it is applied in business spaces: 

Directional Sign St Louis

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