Office Door Signs

What is a Door Sign?

When navigating a business complex or building in St. Louis, it is important to provide visitors with ready information for a more pleasant and comfortable experience. Furnishing each room with door signage makes it easy to locate what they need without the inconvenience of having to ask around.

Uses for Custom Door Signs


Office door signs are typically used to label each room when inside an office, store, or building. Door name plates indicate the room’s occupant, whether it’s a person or an entire office. Changeable office door signs are available for multi-purpose rooms or offices with short-term or temporary tenants.

Door plaques are often used to identify types of rooms in a building. It is important to note that rooms for public use are required to adhere to ADA guidelines, with raised tactile lettering and braille. Apart from compliance, it creates a more accessible and inclusive space for clients and employees. 


Exterior door signage is important to make customers instantly feel welcomed when entering your space. Build brand identity right away with an attractive door showcasing what your business is all about. Include important information such as contact details, business hours and other company specifics helpful for customers. Whether you are on a busy street or outdoor complex, your business door signs can help visitors locate you easily and set you apart.

Effective Door Signage

Room signs are crucial to any building in St. Louis. Ensure that your signage has clarity. As these are used for wayfinding and identification, office door name plates should be simple and easy to read. Avoid confusing your visitors more with complicated signs that don’t help.

Proper placement is also essential for these signs to be effective. For better visibility, make sure that they are centered and at eye-level.

From engraved office door signs to glass door decals, your signage should be designed to match your business aesthetic. Create a professional and cohesive look with the right design.

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