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What are Fleet Wraps?

Regardless of the industry you’re in, competition is inevitable. It may be challenging to set yourself apart, however with the right tools and an innovative mindset, you can come out on top in St. Louis. One innovative marketing strategy gaining popularity these days is commercial fleet wraps.

Wraps are printed vinyl graphics that can be installed on your business vehicles’ exterior. It is a great way to bring your business on the road and get incredible exposure especially to your local market. Take advantage of your existing company trucks and vehicles, turning them into mobile billboards that can give you more brand visibility. 

Uses of Fleet Wraps

Whether you are a restaurant, delivery service, trucking company or local service provider that has a couple of vehicles going out daily, fleet graphics are a great way to show a consistent imagery that will create a memorable impression.

Use fleet lettering on your cars to showcase important business information. Include your company name, type of service and contact details so prospective clients instantly know how to get in touch with you.

Let your vehicles advertise your business 24/7 with custom vehicle wraps. Imagine 5 cars simultaneously going to different locations. You get multiple impressions all at the same time, increasing your client reach. Even when parked, your fleet is still at work getting your brand out there, making it a worthwhile advertising investment. 

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Show Me Custom Signs is your one-stop shop in St. Louis for fleet wraps and graphics. We provide you with high-quality vinyl that is expertly printed to your specific design needs. Our fleet wrap experts are committed to delivering excellent customer satisfaction through quality service and superior end products.

If you have multiple company vehicles on the road every day, commercial car wraps will give you excellent marketing advantage. Explore the numerous benefits of fleet vehicle wrap advertising today! Contact us now for your commercial wrap needs and get a complementary consultation.