Get Your Delivery Van Wrapped and Stand Out on the Road!

Commercial Van Advertising Wraps
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According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Americans spend 70% of their waking hours away from home. Furthermore, over 20 hours each week are spent on the road either as a traveler or a passenger. While these numbers may be lower during the current pandemic, we’re still in our cars a lot.

This provides businesses in St. Louis, MO, a ton of opportunities to do out-of-home advertising or OOH. This type of marketing targets customers while they are out and about. One highly effective form of OOH advertising is van wraps.

Van Wrap St. Louis, MO

Van wrapping is an effective way to promote your business and get visibility in your local market. A single wrap can generate up to 70 thousand impressions daily. This gives your business plenty of chances to reach your target audience.

It is also a great way to make use of existing assets to advertise your business. Your delivery vans can be transformed into your own mobile billboard through custom van wrapping. These custom wraps can generate attention for your brand while out on deliveries.

If you’re looking for “van wrapping near me,” look no further. Show Me Custom Signs has experience producing quality vehicle wraps in St. Louis. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Stand Out with St. Louis Van Wraps

Highlight Your Brand

When building brand awareness, it is important to get customers familiar with your brand. This includes your business name, logo, and brand colors. These should be a prominent feature in your van wrapping details.

Your vehicle should represent your brand and reinforce recognition every time it is out and about.

Put Focus on Readability

One of the key things to remember when doing custom van wrapping is movement. While on the road, a viewer only has a few seconds to take your message in. This makes readability very important.

Font styles that have too much going on can be hard to read when on a moving vehicle. Choose font styles and sizes that are legible even from a distance. This creates a better chance for your van wrap’s message to get across more effectively.

Less is More

An overly designed van wrap in St. Louis, MO, can overwhelm your viewer enough to get ignored. When designing your vehicle, it is best to keep it at a minimum. Highlight the important details that you want to put out.

When adding images, make sure to keep some white space. This will enable your message to pop even with additional graphics.

Your Top St. Louis Van Wrap Maker

A successful van wrap needs an experienced sign company to make it. In St. Louis, MO, the top choice is Show Me Custom Signs. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce, and install high-quality signs for your business needs. We only use the best materials to ensure you enjoy the benefits of your vehicle wraps for years to come.

Let our team end your search for “van wrapping near me” today! Contact us for a free consultation with our van wrapping specialists.

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