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What is a Hanging Sign?

Business owners in St. Louis are always on the lookout for signs that can get them maximum visibility. In a crowded complex with businesses that have the same target audience, it is important to set yourself apart. One way to do this effectively is with hanging signage.

Custom hanging signs are signs that are perched onto a pole, bracket or the wall itself, leaving it hanging down. Usually positioned perpendicular to the front of your store or office, it allows customers to better locate your business.

Why Choose Hanging Signs?

Hanging signage is great if you’re looking for signage that’s worth your marketing budget. Whether indoor or outdoor, these signs are perfect for catching customer’s attention and interest.

When visibility is key, outdoor hanging signs easily get you noticed. Position them directly at the line of sight of incoming foot traffic. Create double-sided designs and you get the attention of people coming from every direction, drawing more customers in.

Businesses also use this for its branding benefits. A uniquely designed hanging business sign leaves a memorable impression on your target market. The potential for being top-of-mind with customers is inevitable!

Aside from gaining visibility, hanging signs from ceilings are excellent for wayfinding. Because of their height, wayfinding hanging signs are in plain view of everyone and are useful for pointing towards restrooms, elevators, exit signs and the like.

Whether used for promotional value or wayfinding, hanging ceiling signs are top choice for businesses in St. Louis.

Hanging Signage Options

Due to its versatility, there are a myriad of design and material options available for hanging business signage. While aluminum might be the most common type as it’s affordable, durable and can easily be mounted, here are other equally effective variants: 

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