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The signs you put up on the outside of your business are all about influencing the right customer to come through the door. Once inside, your signage goals switch to making that person feel welcome, to sharing the importance of your brand, and to offering inspiration. There are several ways to employ custom indoor signs to both welcome and inspire your customers:

As the very first step in your interior signage strategy, lobby signs create a professional and welcoming space for your customers and also share a strong sense of your company’s talents and values. This is easily the most important interior office sign to create your desired first impression.

For your business in St. Louis, this kind of sign can go anywhere you have glass. Window Graphics are particularly popular for conference rooms with glass walls. They can be used to beautify and brand your storefront when they face outward and can be used to establish a more creative atmosphere when they face inward. For glass conference rooms, you can use this kind of interior business sign to brand the space and/or to provide some privacy for your meetings without eliminating the beautiful glass or light exposure entirely.

If the lobby sign is your business’s way of greeting your customers as welcome guests, the wall mural is a way to decorate to make those guests feel like VIPs. A mural is the peak of custom interior signs because it lets you show a more creative and elaborate side of your brand. It can serve as an impressive talking piece for your professional space. Depending on how it’s designed, your visitors may even want a selfie in front of it to share on social media for fun and for free positive exposure! 

ADA signs are often overlooked by businesses in St. Louis and throughout the country. This sign is often not seen as anything but a necessity. However, legally required ADA signs present a unique opportunity to have smaller brand touch points throughout your entire business. Because these signs are necessary in so many spots, customized ADA signs can actually be a powerful tool in increasing your brand presence.

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Your exterior signage has already done the work to get the right customer through your door. Once inside, expand your influence with a professionally crafted system of interior signage. Call now to speak with a indoor sign specialist at Show Me Custom Signs and, together, let’s breathe even more life into your brand!