LED Signs for Your St. Louis Business

What is an LED Sign?

It is any sign that utilizes light emitting diodes to create a lighted display. It’s a great, cost-efficient alternative to more expensive choices such as neon signs and incandescent light bulbs. Whether indoor or outdoor, these visually appealing signs are sure to gain customer attention.

Benefits of LED Neon Signs in St. Louis

Types of Custom LED Signs

Electronic message boards (or EMCs) are probably the most common use of LED in signage nowadays. Usually a standalone sign or incorporated in pole or monument signs, they are an easy way to send out messages and important business information for your St. Louis location.

You may also choose programmable LED signs which allow you to control the messages displayed as well as change them at any time. These are great for schools, hospitals, and retail stores, among others.

Aside from EMCs, LEDs can also be used for other electronic signage. They’re suited to outdoor lightbox signs which are much larger to attract attention from a distance, as well as indoor LED neon signs, which are much smaller and are typically used to give attention to a specific area. Examples are:

Custom LED Signs in St Louis

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