Make a Solid First Impression on Visitors by Choosing Lobby Signs

Custom Lobby Signs
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It shouldn’t come as a surprise when advertisers say first impressions are important in business. It can dictate how customers see your business for the rest of their interactions with you. Moreover, it can pave the way for building lasting relationships with your clients.

While exterior signs help attract customers, your indoor signs decide if customers will stay. This is exactly why it is crucial to have the right indoor signs, starting with custom lobby signs.

Welcoming Your Customers

Lobby signs are your customers’ first point of contact with your business. They are what welcome your customers in your space. Creating a positive initial impact means showing your customers that you are an established company worthy of their time and their business.

Make an Impact

Here’s how lobby signage can make a solid first impression:

Brand Representation

Office lobby signs make for a unique branding opportunity. It is a great way to introduce your business especially to first time visitors. Creating a look that reflects your brand ensures your clients know exactly who and what you are as a business.

Additionally, these signs are also great as wayfinding markers. In a multi-tenant building, seeing your logo tells customers that they came to the right place.

Clear and Concise Message

Nothing is more disheartening than having a sign that leaves customers confused. In making a good first impression, you want to make sure that you are clear as to who you are as a business.

Designs that are simple and direct can create more impact than adding a lot of glitz and glam. Choose font styles and sizes that can be understood even from a distance. Complimentary colors make your sign easy on the eyes. Add important details that won’t overwhelm the viewer.

Position and Placement

When you want to get maximum use of your sign, making sure that you get the right position and placement is important. Ensure that your office lobby sign is visible immediately when customers enter your space. Position it at eye-level, and at a height that can still be noticed even from a certain distance.

This attention to detail will make customers feel comfortable at first contact.


One important aspect to consider when creating a sign is how it sets you apart from the competition. Explore different design aspects such as materials, lighting as well as three-dimensional effects. Your lobby signage is the perfect way to show your company’s personality and make you more memorable to customers and visitors alike.

First Impressions Lasts with Show Me Custom Signs

When creating a positive first impression through your signs, it is important to get a signage partner that understands your business needs. Our team at Show Me Custom Signs guarantees to assist you at every step to achieve your marketing goals. Let us help find signage solutions for you today. Contact our highly skilled staff for a free consultation and get a free quote!

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