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Whether your location is in a crowded downtown area or in a quiet suburb, it’s important to make sure your business gets noticed. With the wealth of advertising options available today, one of the best ways to get noticed still starts right at your business with effective, custom outdoor signs. This signage is your professional space’s way of reaching out and saying “hello!” to anyone on foot or driving by the neighborhood. Show Me Custom Signs offers a wide range of outdoor signs to showcase your St. Louis business.

Channel letters are great when you have something quick you want to say, and you want to make sure it gets noticed. It’s a classic form of outdoor lighted business signs that are visible at all hours of the day. Popular choices to spell out with channel letters include your business’s name—if it’s short enough—or even a short slogan.

If you’re having trouble picturing a classic Pylon sign, think of McDonald’s with the famous golden arches posted on a large metal pole. This is probably the most common use of this type of outdoor business signage in St. Louis and around the world. Your business can use it to a similar effect with the right design and placement. 

As their name may suggest, these are a kind of sign that add depth and volume to a design by making it three-dimensional. Lettering is a popular option for this kind of sign but Show Me Custom Signs can work with you to create something even more unique and personalized.

Architectural signs include a comprehensive system of exterior and interior signage that work together to brand an entire building or a complex of buildings. The goal is to have signs working together to create a cohesive visual theme. An example in St. Louis that you might have seen would be the Saint Louis Galleria. If you look around its premises, you will see all manner of signage that follows a visually cohesive theme to create unity in a complex with many different businesses.

St Louis, MO Outdoor Signs

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Exterior signs are a great way to get your business noticed while also decorating it in an attractive way. Whether you need to launch a new business or rebrand a pre-existing one, reach out to our outdoor sign specialists at Show Me Custom Signs for information and inspiration in your quest to create the most impactful commercial signs for your business.