Take Your Brand’s Visibility to The Next Level with Pylon Signs

Pylon Sign
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In the competitive world of marketing, standing out can be quite a challenge. Businesses are often competing for customers’ attention, coming up with various ways to tip the scales in their direction. Visibility plays a significant role in this race, and one way your business can get a leg up is through pylon signs.

Get Seen in St. Louis, MO

If your business is looking for a tall, towering sign that can give you optimum visibility, custom pylon signs are an excellent choice for you. These are big, tall signs mounted on single or double poles that can easily catch attention.

Due to its size and height, these post signs are often used on interstate roads, major highways, and crowded areas. They are hard to miss, from pedestrians to motorists driving from a distance.

Next Level Branding

The more that people see your brand, the more they recognize your products and services. Brand visibility establishes you as a legitimate and trustworthy business. Check out how pylon signage makes you more visible in your community:

Towering Height

One of the main perks of pylon and post signs is their significant height. This makes your sign hard to ignore, and visible upfront or from a distance. This is especially helpful for motorists when traveling, looking for pit stops.

Businesses located in hard to find areas or along the highways benefit from these freestanding signs as it allows customers to locate you easily. If your store is within a busy commercial district, these tall signs elevate your visibility and make you recognizable from the sea of competitors.

Versatile and Customizable

These freestanding signs are fully customizable, depending on what works for your business. Color and form are not an issue, as you can even do your company name and logo. This signage is perfect for promoting brand recognition and building good recall.

Lighted pylon signs are also possible using LED lights to attract more attention day and night.


Despite being massive signs, custom pylon signs are very cost-effective. The materials used are very durable and built to last even with harsh weather conditions. Maintenance for these roadside signs is minimal, which saves you money on upkeep.

The benefits you get from this signage outweigh its costs, regardless if it’s a lighted pylon sign or not. The impressions you’ll get from motorists on the road, as well as the customers you drive in, are guaranteed to bring more business profit your way.

Show Me Custom Signs: Your Trusted Signage Partner

When deciding on how to get your business to stand out in St. Louis, MO, freestanding pylon signs are an excellent investment. Along with this decision is making sure that you get a signage partner that understands your business needs. Our team of experts at Show Me Custom Signs will work with you to ensure that your business will be top of mind in your community. Talk to us today for a complimentary pylon signs consultation.

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