The Components of a Good Real Estate Sign

Real Estate Signage
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It’s hard to find a more competitive industry than real estate. It is always a challenge to find ways to set yourself apart and be an industry leader in St. Louis, MO. However, a good commercial real estate sign can help move you forward.

Get Noticed with Real Estate Signage

Despite the increasing popularity of internet marketing, traditional signage is still as popular and effective. Signage plays an important role in showing interested buyers actual listings instead of online photos. You get the attention of motorists or local interested buyers with custom real estate signs.

There are plenty of sign types to choose from depending on your requirements:

  1. H-Frames – wireframe yard signs often used for temporary purposes
  2. A-Frames – also known as sandwich boards, these are portable and can be moved around
  3. Colonial Posts – or inverted L-frames, typically used for home property listings
  4. Feather Banners – tall signs that move with the wind, perfect for catching attention even from a distance
  5. Window Decals – vinyl graphics that can be applied to smooth surfaces, used mostly on windows of commercial listings

Effective Custom Real Estate Signs

The goal of signs is always to effectively communicate with their readers. Real estate isn’t any different. In order to create an impact on your target audience and influence their buying potential, here are some tips to consider:


Due to the competitive nature of the real estate industry, it is important to set yourself apart from the rest. Branding your signs shows that you are unlike the rest of the competition. This builds trust in your business as well as your property listings.


Real estate for sale signs usually targets motorists and passersby. This gives you a mere few seconds to convey your message.

Making sure your commercial real estate signs are readable even from a distance makes it more effective. Although we may be tempted to just fill our signs with different kinds of information, too much may overwhelm the reader. Keep it simple and clutter-free for maximum visibility.

A good tip as well is to keep white spaces around your sign. This makes it easier for your audience to read the important details you are trying to convey.

Contact Details

Getting leads is an important part of the real estate game. Including your contact details, plus a call-to-action or a catchy tagline, can generate more buyer interest. It can even impact viewers who may not originally be in the market!

The Best Sign Maker in St. Louis, MO

It is important to get ahead of the competition in the real estate industry. St. Louis Sign Company understands this and is ready to help make you stand out. We produce real estate for sale signs that not only attract attention but also reflect the professional image you are trying to convey.

Let us take care of your real estate signage needs today! Contact us for a free consultation.

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