Vehicle Graphics

What Are Vehicle Graphics?

They are an advertising strategy where you adhere digitally printed decals and lettering to your vehicle. This has been a popular choice for small and large businesses alike, as even partial vehicle wraps have proven effective for increasing brand recognition and recall. 

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Graphics


Quality vinyl material can be cut and clung onto any shape and size, which makes custom vehicle graphics very versatile. Apply them on cars, vans, trucks, even boats and motorcycles. And since these are digitally printed, you can custom print any design that will boost your brand and complement your business. 

Excellent ROI potential

Research shows that a single auto graphic can generate 30,000 to 80,000 impressions a day depending on your location. Multiply that to how many vehicles your business owns! With only a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing media, you are assured a high return on investment.


Vehicle decals are a great alternative to full automobile wraps when you have limited advertising budget. According to OAAA, the cost per impression on car graphics are less than $0.20, unlike billboards which are at more than $1 per thousand views.

Even with just your company logo and your contact information, you get maximum exposure without breaking the bank.

Types of Vehicle Graphics

St Louis Vehicle Graphics

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