What You Need to Know About Creating Effective Business Signs in St. Louis, MO

Business Signs
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In this fast-paced, modern world, a lot of businesses have made a shift into online marketing initiatives. While this can contribute to boosting your business, there is still a lot to be valued when it comes to traditional marketing media such as business signs.

The Value in Business Signs St. Louis, MO

When done right, custom business signs can give you incomparable visibility that can lead to more customers and profit. Having been around for ages, signage still proves to be the best way to increase your market reach, especially in your local community.

Your signs are the first interaction your customers have with your company. This is why it is important to design signs that can help give you a positive business perception.

What Makes an Effective Business Sign?

Designing St. Louis, MO business signs may seem like an easy feat. However, there is a lot that goes into making sure that your designs are effective in reaching your target audience. Let’s look at these three essential tips before diving into the process:


Your custom business signs are pointless if no one gets to see them. When choosing your signs, make sure that it’s not obstructed from view.

Is your store or office located within a busy business district with lots of other signages? Are you positioned along the freeway, with a lot of motorists driving by? All these factors go into the size and height of your sign.


While it is tempting to just plaster every color and business information on your signs, it may be too much for your viewers to handle. Remember that you only have a few seconds for your signs to make an initial impression, especially if being viewed by motorists or passersby.

Choose colors that complement each other. Also, keep to standard font styles instead of scripts for maximum readability even from a distance. Lastly, leaving ample white space around your signs ensures all information pops and gets seen by your audience.


One of the best ways signs can create an impact on your target audience is how it best reflects your brand personality. Showing who you are as a company through your signs sets you apart from other businesses.

Incorporating your brand colors as well as your catchy business tagline can make your sign more memorable. This increases valuable brand recall that can be profitable for your business.

Top St. Louis, MO Business Signs

The last step to impressive business signs in St. Louis, MO, is contracting a reliable sign company to deliver your signage needs. Our team members at Show Me Custom Signs are experts at producing high-quality signs that best reflects your brand. We make sure to get to know our clients and their needs before recommending the most effective signage options. Let us help get your business top of mind in St. Louis, MO. Speak to our experienced staff today, and we’ll give you a free consultation!

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